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I guess I kind of let this die didn't I?

Posted on: June 28, 2010 4:14 pm
If you are into the distruction of the BCS I have moved here . Here is my recent take on my team, Utah, joining the ranks of the AQ conferneces.


A reader recently questioned whether my drive for this sight was tied to my loyalties to Utah and their status from a conference outside the BCS.

Here is my response to that claim:

Until I get a real job that has real time commitments. or a life :)

The fact remains that teams still will not have a set course to earn a national championship. Even though Utah is presumably in a BCS conference (no official word yet) they could go undefeated in the PAC 10 and still go to the Rose Bowl rather than the National Championship Game.

Until teams can’t get Auburned the need for this site will exist. Even then I am sure the BCS will have critics hoping to promote further evolution. Conference realignments will always be possible and postseason projections will always be en vogue.

I am still a fan of the MWC and its newest member Boise State. This would be amplified if BYU left the conference, as they are nothing but dead weight to me.

As long a Cinderella is having her glass slipper stomped on before she even gets to the party I will be here with a passion.

Until Utah's road to the championship game is set at the start of the year my aim will not be achieved.

As long as the BCS remains fundamentally flawed its further evolution is a must. Utah's move to the PAC 10 or the MWC earning an automatic qualification will not change my opinions of the fundamental failings of the BCS.

The BCS has been a financial boon to the bowls and conferences involved. They have done admirably in there goal of trying to pair the top two teams in the nation in a bowl game.

They have allowed Utah to earn the respect needed for an invitation like they are set to receive. They have allowed Boise State to earn the respect to become a player in determining whether the MWC will earn an automatic qualification. These teams would not be where they are today without the BCS and this is an opportunity even North Texas has open to them today. An opportunity not available prior to the formation of the BCS.

The BCS has not failed in its mission. Its mission is the BCS' failure.

The goal of pairing the top two teams in the nation to produce a national championship game has failed. It has left out twelve undefeated teams. Nine teams ranked #3 in the BCS' own formula were within a few computer votes of the #2 spot, a statistical tie based on the sampling performed.

This is a failing that no conference realignment or automatic qualification designation can change. What sets this site apart from others opposing the BCS is where I look for to implement the needed change. Many lobby for government to break up the BCS and impose a playoff . I want to see the BCS grow from a series of contractual agreement to something far greater.

I believe the BCS is the organization best organized to design and manage a tournament for college football. I would suggest that the NCAA's operation of monetized tournaments puts them in a conflict of interest with their fundamental task of protecting student athletes.

I would love to see the BCS take the reigns of running the NCAA basketball tournament under NCAA oversight. Maybe then we could get a double elimination tournament that would mitigate against the fluke losses such an expanded field entails.

I submitted a plan to the BCS to develop the best possible design by 2014. I am working on a new plan (now on the back burner until after finishing my PAC 10 schedule idea) aimed at the Football Bowl Association (The BCS' big brother) that would allow teams with nine or more regular season FBS wins to participate in two bowls.

This would greatly enhance the available teams for most bowls and provide significant flexibility to work out an improved design. One such possibility is a tier based plus-one .

I will always be open to any ideas and will continue to collect the well presented designs on my Table of Contents .

The geological record suggests that evolution proceeds at a negligible pace except for very brief periods of significant change.

Until the BCS Evolution is complete I will be here aiming to punctuate the equilibrium.


Well, not here, but at BCS Evolution.

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